Hello and welcome to www.brindey.com. This is my first blog, which is both exciting and terrifying. My background is in journalism, and I used to get physically sick every time I turned in an article to my editors. I have that same feeling now.

I wanted to begin with a list of goals. I am an A-type personality, but am also a creative and passionate individual. Goals keep me on track.

With this blog, I want to:

1. Learn. I currently spend about an hour a day reading a variety of blogs. Some are marketing blogs like www.chrisbrogan.com and www.conversationmarketing.com/. Some are influential blogs like www.feministing.com/ and some are random humor like www.lovelylisting.com. First and foremost, I hope to learn about marketing. To be more specific; I wish to learn how marketing tools can be harnessed for the consumer, which in turn can direct companies to create better and more meaningful products and content. Tools include social media, analytics, content, and personality. But, I also hope to learn about current events, political viewpoints, the affect of words on communities of people, and new gadgets. I also hope to laugh my ass off.

2. I hope to form relationships. I want to become part of the community of people who know what it means to publish work on the web. I want to add value to other people’s lives, as the blogs listed above, and many others, have added value to mine. I wish to provide a space for lively discussions. I want to connect with people and their ideas.

3. I want to create.  Writing is an art form. I am beginning “A Year of Magical Thinking,” by Joan Didion which resonates the feeling of crafting emotion into words. I love this idea, and as painful as it can be, share a need to write with Didion. Writing is my art form and this blog is nothing more than my canvas. Please excuse the material that belongs in the wastebasket because those are the posts that give me the rights to take risks. My risk-taking usually leads to my most imaginative work. But you are going to have to bear with me, this could be a rough ride.