People keep talking about creating a relationship with your brand, create passion about your brand, create customer loyalty and listen. So I thought about me, as a customer.

I love Home Depot. No, really. I love Home Depot. When I retire, I want to work in the garden department until the day I die. I love the smell of Home Depot: pine sawdust, plastic and a hint of paint thinner. I am dead serious. I love Home Depot because everyone who works there is always happy and helpful. They are also very easy to find in their orange aprons (I want one) and they are very knowledgeable. Better yet: they radio each other like a network of gurus on the best way to dig a French drain, what flowers grow best in shade Zone 5 and what wood to use for a doggie door.

They know what they are talking about and make it easy for me to learn. Also, everything is organized with wide aisles and clear signage.

It gets better. They are like Nordstrom- they take everything back. If your plant dies on day 365, they will take it back and give you a new one. If you cut too much PVC pipe for your sprinkler, they take the extra back. Even the refreshment vendors will give you a new ice cream if your 6-year-old cousin drop his in the parking lot.

Wait-there’s more. They let me bring my dog. I love doing errands with Nay…and I hate leaving her in the car. She is deaf as a post, has cataracts in both her eyes, and is so old (16) that she is off slate’s dog age calculator. But she comes because the checkout ladies keep cookies for her and she likes the smell of Home Depot, too. This is my customer experience with Home Depot. They make-up so much of my identity I included my love for them on my Match profile last year.

I want to love and have customers love my company just as much. I don’t know how I can do that without power tools and dog cookies, but I plan on starting with being available on-line for questions and comments, giving customers free content and information, and working hard to solve customer problems.

Do you have a favorite company? What do they do right?