Last Friday I met with Cort Johnson and Jake Cacciapaglia over at DART Boston. I originally interviewed them for my content marketing ideaLaunch blog, but the best thing I left their South Boston apartment with was a positive attitude.

DART Boston is what happens when you gather all the smart kids together and snow them with puzzles and sugar. Great ideas happen.

But here is the key to these ideas: positivity and initiative.  Take this example.

Modern art. I hate most modern art. I have no positive feelings looking at it. I said as much to Cort and Jake when we were sitting together in their living room last week. “Someone made a 20-minute video entirely comprised of motor oil dripping over a tower of sugar cubes on a Styrofoam plate,” I griped.

“But they did it,” said Jake.

I thought about that, and it took a minute to sink in. “We are all about execution,” said Cort, “Execute or be executed.” 

I won’t ever make a video about motor oil and sugar. But, then again, I probably won’t ever submit anything to the ICA. Whoever did make the video deserves the credit because they took the initiative to create that art and submit it. They made the effort and took a risk.

I understand risk, but often, the fear is louder. I got physically ill starting this blog. I get physically ill before I turn in any article or project. Creating, for me, is opening myself up to ridicule and failure. But creating isn’t about fear. It’s about promise.

When I told Jake about my fears about this blog, he looked at me in earnest excitement, said “Just do it. Don’t think about it. Take some steps and roll something out. You will figure it out along the way.”

Today, I am going to take a leap and continue writing. Tomorrow, I will celebrate our collective creations with Poking Holes, followed by the After Party at Match, 9-11 p.m.  Catch you there.