I have three small ideas (actually, one was from the sartorialist and one was from my Auntie Laurie,) that would make my little life better. Any advice on how to accomplish this?

1. Recycling on Gainsborough Street. I emailed the committee and they gave me excuses. We pay someone a ton of money to pick up trash every single day, including Sundays, at 10:oo a.m. Why can’t we designate, like, Thursday to be Recycle day? Put out extra boxes? Something?

2. A Weather box next to the score box for NFL football games. I love football. I really do. My family makes pretty amazing dips, do Yahoo Pro Pick ’em (on which my mother kicks my ass every year) and and spend most of the games pondering the private lives of players and giving them nicknames. However, I want to feel like I am there, and knowing the temperature, wind speed, real feel temp, and other weather conditions would really make it for me. 

3. Mayor Bloomberg did what I hear is a phenomenal job with bike lanes in NYC. It is a greener, cheaper, easier way to move people about the city while improving fitness, quality of life, and traffic. Brilliant. But biking in Boston is akin to signing a death warrant. Someone with power needs to fix this…  (I got this from The Sartorialist and I think it is brilliant. So are her pictures.

Any ideas on how to make these happen? Or any ideas you want to share?