I went to Dart Boston again tonight, hosted at Hubspot for The Second Glass. Instead of a beer jar, Yellow+Blue wines provided beverages, and instead of a South Boston apartment living room, we spread out in Hubspot’s TV studio. 

Cort and Jake are amazing and the energy they amass is incredible. Last week, I had someone mention one of their graduates, InternshipRatings.com, in a conversation and I got excited at how their creation helped that start-up bloom. 

But on to the important part-I met someone. Well, actually, I met a lot of people, re-met someone I had hoped never to see again (ew) and I didn’t get to catch up with Jake as much as I would have liked (hey- he’s a busy guy and I had to get home to a sick bunny.) But I met a Wellesley girl, Emma, and I am so glad I did.

I went to Wellesley College, and now, after graduation, I really treasure meeting other Wellesley girls  as well as other women’s college (Simmons, Barnard, Smith) grads. I can’t explain how I always feel instantly at home with them, and rarely meet one I don’t like. 

What I wonder about is that magic. What is the magic that happens when I am with another women’s college grad? I don’t have that with other Syracuse grads. Ashley (my twin sister, and I know because we share a brain) doesn’t have that with other BU grads. I tried to introduce Josh to a Bentley intern at my work and he wasn’t  nearly as thrilled as I would have been about meeting a Wellesley student. 

The closest thing I can compare it to is meeting other Boston Red Sox fans at home in Newport, (the CA one, not the RI one.) Kindred spirits…but even the force of Red Sox fever can’t compare to my Wellesley sister love. 

I think this deserves a closer look and here’s why: what if a brand could stir such magic. Imagine lighting up like a Christmas tree, gasping “You use Dove soap, too??!!!!!” standing in the personal care aisle at Stop and Shop. 

Or have you? What about?