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Pool Party
I recently started with Stratus Technologies; a company makes fault tolerant servers and high availability software. I was hired as the Social Media Specialist, given the challenge to bring the large technology company into 2010 on the web.

When I called John Cass, my mentor, to talk about my position, he was careful to mention I would need to delegate sharing and contributing on social media to others in the company. While I know my way around the internet, I can’t necessarily speak intelligently on virtualization and redundancy.

And so my first task was not to start tweeting, to make a Facebook page, or to go out and become an active voice on related blogs. I had to first be social inside the building. I learned I had to be the catalyst- not the reaction.
This is where my annoyingly-friendly personality does me some good. I literally went door to door like a trick-or-treater inviting people to talk about social media with me. There are 600+ people, all with individual offices in our Maynard building, so it took me a while. But I got some good information.

First, I found my new fellow employees were brilliant about a large variety of topics having to do with availability.
Second, I found most of my new colleagues were apprehensive of social media.
Third, social media is not easy to jump into, and it can be intimidating.

And so I started Social Media 101 classes, which are on the slide deck I share here. I couldn’t ask engineers and developers who weren’t “Grown Up Digital” to go out and swim in the deep end of social media without first teaching them to get their feet wet. Even if my colleagues play it safe in the shallow end, the more people in my pool means a bigger pool party.

Social Media 101

How have you encouraged coworkers to dive into social media?