I wrote my master’s thesis on keeping bias out of articles written about issues concerning the author. For example, if a reporter writing for the local paper would not be able to keep bias out of an article on the superintendant of a school to which her children attended. With good editing, proper article balance, source references and fact-checking, an article could be almost completely unbiased. But, essentially, an article-each paragraph, sentence, and word- is an artistic creation by the writer. No work of art is made without liberty and opinion.

I have begun “editing” the blog posts for the soon-to-be-released Stratus Technologies multi-author blog. I’ve edited two posts, but it got me thinking about transparency, credibility, and relationships. Each blogger had a distinct, specific, clear voice. Each of them shared their gifts through different methods and language. In fact, one blog post is half numerical equations.

But where are my boundaries? I have already sworn to my boss I won’t write his articles because it defeats the purpose of blogging. But as the “owner” of this company blog, where are my boundaries? How much can I edit and, therefore, be present in each article?

I believe the power of my work will come when I can get the engineers and tech guys in my office blogging- at minimal stress to them, but at maximum advantage to readers. I want readers to meet the smarties I have working with me, who may or may not be naturally gifted writers.

Where are your boundaries? What are thoughts on editing, ghost blogging and how to other marketers get IT guys to write?